what we do

we take care of your home when you're away

day to day check

We water your plants

Evening check

We assure everything is in order

Expenses check

We verify utility expenses

24/7 Support

Email or Online, we support.

real time alarm

We provide in case of robberies


We help you finding the right broker

why we do it

we love animals

If you go on vacation, you will want your pet to be as comfortable as possible. Pets should never be left alone for extended periods of time, particularly social animals like dogs.

We Assess your pet’s needs. All pets are different and have unique personalities. Some do well when left alone for longer periods of time and others do not. Pets that are more social, have medical conditions, or that are used to having lots of interaction with others may not do as well on their own for long periods of time.

We Adjust to your pet’s schedule. If you usually leave your pet at home while you are away at work, leave your house for a couple of hours after work each day. If you usually see your pet during the day, leave your pet at home while you are at work 

how we do it

we overSEE it all

An empty home is an invitation for squatters and burglars. House sitting ensures that your home never looks empty.

As well as looking after your home, The Home Service’s professional and trusted house sitters will maintain the security of your home whilst you are away, ensuring doors and windows are locked at night, curtains are drawn and, where appropriate, alarms are set. 

Our home sitters are bound by a comprehensive set of rules which means they will never leave your property unattended for more than 3 hours during the day and no more than 30 minutes after dark. 

Our home sitters will also handle post and any parcel deliveries.

WHERE we do it

French riviera

We provide our services in the French Riviera, from Mentone to Cannes, our HQ is situated in Nice, Le Port.

The Port of Nice is one of the key infrastructural hubs of Nice and, in fact, of the entire French Riviera, standing out as one of the main harbors for the boats which sail across the Mediterranean Sea. It accommodates both the ships operated by certain ferry companies and the private yachts of tourists who come to Nice by sea, on their own water craft.